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Telephone: 01580 752 952


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Address: Abucus House, Cranbrook Road, Hawkhurst, UK. TN18 4AR

Typical Pricelist


Hair Cuts

Mens Hair Cut (Short) 13.00

Mens Hair Cut (Medium) 15.00

Mens Hair Cut (Long) 20.00


American Crew Grooming Products

85g Moulding Clay 11.45

85g Defining Paste 11.45

85g Grooming Cream 11.45

100g Pomade 11.45

100g Classic Wax 11.45

250ml Daily Shampoo 8.45

250ml Moisture Shampoo 8.45

250ml Daily Conditioner 8.95

250ml Peppermint Cleanse Shampoo 8.95

250ml Classic Grey Shampoo 8.95

250ml Classic Grey Conditioner 8.95


Men-U Grooming Products

100ml Men-U Clay 9.95

100ml Men-U Muscular Fibre Paste 9.95

100ml Men-U Create & Shape 9.95


DFi Grooming Products

100ml DFi Moulding Cream 9.45

100ml DFi Volume Boosting Shampoo 9.95

100ml DFi Extreme Hold Styling Cream 9.95



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